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We provide affordable advanced website technology, professional website design, branding, and e-commerce marketing services that are built for competition and your success.

What Sets Our Websites Apart

• Not All Web Sites Are Created Equal

With our company and pre-integrated advanced website technology and marketing services, you will simply sell more. We build our websites to keep your Web business highly competitive and successful.

• All Advanced Business-Critical Components and Services are Pre-Integrated Into Your Site!

• Web Site Design As Corporate Brand Development

We have a more mature approach to eCommerce Web site design. Your businesses online brand recognition is a critical element in harnessing customer confidence and their business. Most major brand names approach their online presence with their corporate brand name recognition elements. This is the first step towards the science of professional site design. We brand your eCommerce site around your business’s brand elements, colors, psychology, and business goals.

• Intelligent Strategic Marketing Campaign Integration

Many advanced component technologies set our eCommerce sites ahead of the curve. Our exclusively provisioned, secure, and managed servers to technology increase your customer conversion and increase sales to protect you against competitor price wars.

• Advanced Web Site & Server Technologies

Perhaps even more critical of all is an experienced management team that provides a one-on-one service. Most small to medium-sized businesses do not have the in-house staff that most big-brand companies have. We approach all of our services professionally yet with a personality and care.

• We look forward to being a part of your success for many years to come.

Our Experience

Here are a few projects from our portfolio.

Varnishes Distributor
UVC Devices
Dental Center

Technologies Used

For low budget projects

For low budget projects, for dynamic websites we usually use CMS like WordPress, for static sites we use starting kits like Boostrap or SemanticUI. In this way the client can get a high-end professional website and in the same time lower the budget as much as possible, even as low as 100$ for a custom website with unique design.

For medium - large size projects

Talking about bigger projects is different. Simple static websites are made using base front-end technologies alongside with JavaScript libraries and frameworks. When it comes to dynamic websites and web apps, we usually use PHP with Laravel framework for the backend. And empower the front-end user experience with JavaScript libraries like VueJS or jQuery. 

In the end the client will have a high-end professional website, Web App or CMS and the code we provide will be easy to maintain by other developers in the future, because the technologies we use are popular and known well by 90% of web developers in the world, and of course have tons of documentation online.

Types of Websites

Web-based solutions that our company can provide.

Static Website

These websites are usually categorised as low-budget websites. They cannot be managed by non-professionals of web development field. 

We usually develop Static Websites with the help of ready templates or frameworks to reduce the cost. However, these websites are very performant and extremely fast to load on any browser and device.

CMS - Dynamic Website

The most common method used for dynamic websites is WordPress CMS or other popular CMSs. WordPress websites are very popular because it’s open source and cost is very low.

However, when you need a professional website you have to spend a bit more, and our company has to make sure to bring the most performant and modern website possible.

Web Application

Web Apps are dynamic websites that include features such as multi-user authentication and unique experience for each individual that uses your website.

The cost of a web app is a bit higher. But there are always cheaper alternatives. We can discuss your needs and we will suggest the best options for your business to succeed.

How much? How Long?

The cost of a simple website

If you don’t have much time and don’t want to spend too much on a website, we suggest to make either a WordPress Dynamic website or Boostrap-based static website website. A simple website to get started will cost from 100$-300$ and it will be online less than 2 weeks.

Talking about bigger projects

If you need a more complex website, or even a simple website that you want to be special and stand out, then you need to invest a bit more. Please send us your requirements and how you thinks your website should be, and after studying your case we will respond with suitable solutions and suggestions about your investment in online marketing.

On the other hand, maybe you don’t need a website, but a web app or some kind of management system that will help you achieve more with your business or simplify some processes of your company or factory. Maybe you need a digital system to manage your shop or warehouse in a more efficient way. For any problem or need you may have, please contact us and we will do our best to help you make the right decision in digital marketing and digitalization of your business.

So to this end, we provide a comprehensive site design based on your company goals, customer demographics, industry, and marketing objectives.

We look forward to being a part of your success.

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